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Overview Of Bachelor Of Fine Art

Bachelor of Fine Art A Bachelor of fine arts (BFA) is a starting points for your career since it the standard undergraduate degree and it is essential for those willing to pursue a career in visual or performing arts. It is also known commonly as Bachelor of creative arts (BCA). BFA is a four year degree course; it may take longer time to complete because of the requirement of amount of studio work. BFA helps a student to develop within itself an overview of the fine arts industry and will give credibility for your own business.

There are several options available for doing BFA degree such as: musical theater, acting, ceramics, computer animation, creative writing, dance, dramatic writing, cartooning, drawing, film production, fiber, visual effects, graphic design, animation, industrial design, visual arts, metal working, music, illustration, music, new media, painting, making prints, photography, sculpture and television production. The candidates after finishing their schooling in any stream are eligible to apply.

There is no entrance test conducted for doing this course. But one needs to take up the aptitude test and based on the test the final decision for providing admission is taken. The students who interested in creating and imaging then choosing BFA is the one of the best options. On should know how to develop the ideas and also should be practical enough to create an inspiring and innovative work. After successfully completing the BFA one can pursue a master degree in fine arts (MFA). MFA will allow you to teach up to a college level.

The scope of learning fine arts is more and the students get many options in front of them such as working in any art studios, can get work in any advertising companies, fashion houses, publishing houses, freelance work, teaching, direction, photography, television, clothing, software companies, manufactures, product design and director for any magazines, online services, and so on. A bachelor of fine arts degree can also be done through online. The online program helps the students to keep pace with the growing demands of the market concerned. They may also encourage the students to prepare any innovative designs that match with the demands of the industry.

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School Grants And Scholarships For Working Mothers

The innate ability in mothers to multi-task propels them to work at different jobs and still care for their kids and family. They have careers to take care of and still handle the responsibilities of children very well. However, in the long run, family is the most important for them and they do not at all take care of their needs. They might also have ambitions to continue with their education but all that is lost in the love for their family. Financial constrain is a major hindrance which does not allow them to go ahead in the path to seek knowledge. School grants for working mothers is an excellent opportunity for working mothers to continue their education from where they had abandoned.

There are certain outstanding organizations in this regard who have provided various school grants for this purpose. eLearners is one such organization which works for the benefit of women especially the working mothers. Their purpose is to provide the mothers with different opportunities so that their seek for education is rewarded and without any financial stress they can return to schools and colleges. This purpose has also been realized by other online colleges and universities and they have also extended their support and help for the same. DeVry University, Ashworth College, Ashworth University, Walden University, American Intercontinental University are prominent names of colleges and universities in this context. ‘Project Working Mom: Putting Education to Work’ is an earnest awareness campaign started out by eLearners, as a sincere plea to the working mothers out there to use the opportunities provided to gain education. eLearners has announced that for 2010, it intends to provide 285 scholarships to working mothers which equals to an amount of $5 million in scholarships.

President Obama’s mission for providing education to mothers has also improved the federal grants and in all $30-$40 billion has been assigned for federal and state grants individually. The federal grants available to the mothers are the Pell grants, FSEOG, National SMART grant and the TEACH grants. The grants have been so improved nowadays that if the paperwork is evaluated and approved then the entire expenditure for the educational journey would be taken care of by the government. We also have the Obama’s ‘Moms Return to School’ program which broadcasts its message right from the name. The campaign has been started as an earnest request straight from the President so as to bring the working mothers back to school. The aspect of online education is catching up fast with the working mothers who cannot dedicate time to attend school and colleges on-campus.

Additionally, President Obama has also asked schools, colleges and private sector organizations to start grants and scholarships from their side as well so as to help the working mothers in their quest for knowledge.

Education by no means is to be ignored. Education is a precious gift to mankind to move forward in the right direction to success. School grants for working mothers is a great method in simplifying the lives of the mothers and encouraging them to become successful in home life and in work life as well.

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Making The World A Smaller Place – Searchmycampus

Globalization may have made the world a smaller place, but for most of us it’s still not small enough. We are constantly innovating newer means of bringing people closer together. The phenomenal success of social networking sites has proved the basic need of people to connect to each other, and maintain these connections over periods of time. However, websites like Facebook, Orkut, MySpace etc. only bring people together to meet emotional needs i.e. the need for social interaction. There is still a large gap where meeting material needs is concerned. There are only a limited number of websites in India that bring people together to serve their need for merchandise or services.
What is worse is that students are a sadly neglected breed, and even websites like ebay, Cleartrip etc. that do exist to meet material needs are often restricted to the privileged lot that own a credit card, and let’s face it, there aren’t too many people handing those out to students (and maybe with good reason :P). But that does leave us poor folks in a pickle. We need cheap access to housing, books, laptops, mobile phones, jobs etc. just as much as the next working person, in fact, even more. Yet while there are infinite sources that provide you with information about the best 5 star hotels, there are practically no websites that tell you about good hostels or paying guest accommodation in any city or campus.

So we decided that we’d had enough, and that we’d have to do something about it. We didn’t need other people to help us meet our basic needs at university. We’d do it ourselves. And thus SearchMyCampus was born. searchmycampus is an online campus noticeboard where students as well as student service providers can advertise their needs – merchandise/services they want to buy or sell. The idea behind this is that all students need certain basic merchandise and services during their time at university, and they can help each other get access to these. What one student has and doesn’t need another student may want. If they can be put in touch with each other, they can fulfill each others’ requirements i.e. the need of one to get rid of something and the need of to obtain it.

I may have purchased a television when I was a student at university, but when I graduate I need to sell this television. Another student who has just started university may need a television, but may not want to purchase an expensive new one. If I can get in touch with him to sell my television at a reasonable price, we both benefit. Students also tend to have common needs. I need to get to college everyday but commuting everyday is expensive. If I can find 5 other students from areas near my house, we can share the costs among ourselves and so mutually benefit. I may have found an excellent apartment near university that I cannot afford to live in by myself. If I can get in touch with students from my college who also require cheap accommodation in a convenient location, I can share the rent with them, and save my money for more important things like food.

Sure this sounds pretty simple when we say it, and I’m sure you’re all smacking yourselves on the head for not thinking of it earlier, but there is a problem here. There are at present no efficient and effective means of communicating your need to people who can fulfill them. If I’m one among a few thousand students in my college, and my college is one among 100 in my university, then my chances of locating someone who meets my requirements are low. At least if I stick conventional methods such as campus noticeboard advertisements, college newspaper classifieds etc. And ultimately if I do manage to find someone, the expenses involved would probably force me to live on air and water for the next 6 months.

This is where SearchMyCampus comes in . We provide students with an online platform to express these needs so that others have convenient access to them. Not only does this mean increased efficiency and convenience, but it also means 0 cost because it is totally free to use for students.

Why should I, a student, pay a month’s rent to a property agent just to find accommodation during term time when I can contact the owner directly and arrange it? I’m broke enough as it is, and I can think of much better uses this money can be put to evil grin. SearchMyCampus allows accommodation providers (PGs, Hostels, etc.) as well as students to advertise their needs to each other, thus enabling direct contact without the need for intermediaries. Similarly, students don’t need the services of consultants to find jobs (especially summer and part-time jobs). They can do it themselves by contacting interested companies directly. Thus, the site not only identifies needs, but puts them in public notice to be fulfilled.

This interaction to meet mutual needs internally without the need for intermediaries gives birth to an interlinked group of people having the ability to fulfill each other’s mutual material needs. Creating an independent student community of this type is bound to have far reaching consequences, extending beyond convenience and cost saving for students. Not only should it enable the Indian youth to stand on its own feet, it could also encourage entrepreneurial ventures based on the newly created channels of communication.

Evidence of the website’s success is visible already even in the brief time it has been available to the public, and as its utility is proved, the community of students thus created will only get stronger. As the success of social networking sites has proved, students are ready to create and participate in virtual communities that ultimately strengthen physical ones. SearchMyCampus will play a vital role in taking this trend to a whole new level.

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BBA Programs – Quality Education at ISB&M

Management Programs, Why are they so important?

For centuries, it was thought that experience is the best teacher and when it came to business, this statement was very appropriate. However, things have changed with time and it was felt that instead of jumping into something without any prior knowledge and relying on the experience, it made sense to have some basic knowledge so that work would be less challenging and transition into professional life would be easier and simpler.

Education in Business Administration and business management comes under the category of Vocational education. One is trained to understand and learn the nuances of business giving them an opportunity to either work in the corporate sector of the global market or build their own enterprise facing the challenges of the market with vigor. Thus, management education plays an important role in launching of business and running it with clever marketing strategies and ethical business practices.

One of the excellent institute which provides BBA programs is International School of Business & Media (ISB&M) located in Pune. The institute was established in the year 2000. Founded by leading educator, Dr. Pramod Kumar, the institute offers courses in management education which grooms students to be the best management professionals who have very high thinking and decision making abilities, which are a must to work in the global industry. The emphasis on enhancement of leadership qualities gives an opportunity to students to improve their skills in leadership which is an added advantage for one to pursue a career in the global industry.

Along with the Under Graduate degree in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), ISB&M also offers Post Graduate Programs like:

Post Graduate Programme in Business Management (PGPBM) + MBA

Post Graduate Programme in Supply Chain and Operations Management (PGPSCOM) + MBA

The postgraduate programs of the institute are awarded the autonomous certification by ISB&M while the MBA degree is approved by the Joint committee of UGC – AICTE – DEC, New Delhi. The Post Graduate Programmes are conducted in two levels:

  1. General Management Level
  2. Specialized Management Level

The General Management Level for the PGPBM and PGPSCOM deals with the core subjects like Principles of Management, Organizational Behaviour, Managerial Accounting, Personality & Managerial Performance, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Managerial Economics, Managerial Accounting, Statistics & Research Methodology, Management of Information System, Business Communication, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Business Communication, Project Management, Logistics & Material Management, Information Technology, Operations Research, Business Environment, Mercantile Law, World Class Manufacturing, Channels & Distribution Management, Theory of Constraints, Warehousing & Material Handling and Enterprise Resource Planning which gives the overall knowledge about business administration.

Specialized Management Level of PGPBM gives an opportunity to specialize in any two areas out of Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Information Technology and Retail. A student will be studying 17 elective courses along with a summer internship program and a dissertation.

The Specialized Management Level of the PGPSCOM program provides with an opportunity to do dual specialization in either Marketing, Information Technology or Retail and also covers 5 core courses, 12 electives a summer internship program and a dissertation.

These courses offered by the institute are designed to give students in-depth knowledge and skills of business administration and management, which helps them to work in the industry with confidence and fulfill their dreams of building a high flying career.

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The Lowdown On Online Nursing Education

What is the lowdown on online nursing education? Those that have gotten their RN through a local college may not realize the benefits of furthering their career through an online nursing school. Yet, there are many to think about. First off, there is no doubt that you can begin your career in nursing here as well as continue it. No matter what type of degree you are interested in or how you will get it, you can find the success that you need in online learning. Secondly, why not get it online?

Consider what the lowdown on online nursing education can provide you. Take a few minutes to select several of the better schools of online education especially in nursing. What can they provide to you? Here are some things that may matter to you.

-The ability to continue working at your job while advancing your education.

-The ability to begin a new career while still taking care of your family and other needs.

-You can take courses any time of the day or night that it fits with your schedule.

-You can get through your degree in a couple of years or less, if you want to. Or, you can slow it down and complete it over several years.

-You can get the education that you have always wanted without having to stop life to get it.

There are many things that make online education beneficial. To get the lowdown on online nursing education, why not take a look at the online campuses that many of the schools provide? See what it is that they can give to you and if that will work in your life. If you would like to get your education in nursing, why not do so in such a way as to live your life while you are doing it?

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Why Ahould We Study In Abroad

Most schools right now have several study abroad opportunities. There are lots of different things to consider during study in abroad, including the type of program you’re looking at, the way it will suit your major or class requirements, how much it costs, and how well you’ll handle being away from home and school.

The most common way of involving yourself with study abroad program is to enroll yourself in a university or college within the United States and then travel to foreign countries in order to attend classes there. Studying in the UK, rather than at comparable universities and colleges in other countries, clearly remains the first choice of the largest segment of the overseas student population.

Like many other students who eventually go to the UK itself, Sultanov was educated in a British school in his homeland. As a result, he said, he knew both that British teaching was high-quality, that the professors at British universities had international reputations as leaders in their fields – and, crucially, that alumni of British universities enjoyed a level of professional success on return to their homeland that made them the envy of their generation.

Many students take part in summer coursework in Australia. Australian college classes in the United States’ summertime fits in well with many students degree programs, because it allows you to not miss any of the regular academic year activities that you need in order to graduate on time. Some of the more popular destinations for study programs include: Australia, China, New Zealand, England, Thailand, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Spain, and more. There are scholarship opportunities available for students, especially within your college or university. The Australian Government provides three scholarship programs. These are:-

  1. Australian Leadership Awards
  2. Australian Development Scholarships
  3. Endeavour Awards

Those wanting to study business should consider Ireland’s programs offered in both Dublin and Carlow. Many students benefit from these programs in England and in Ireland because it gives you a global perspective that other college graduates will not have, thereby giving you an edge in today’s tough job market when you return home.

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Book Reviews Versus Book Reports: A Brief Primer

The terms ?book review? and ?book report? are often used interchangeably to mean something in-between the two of them. Improper identification of a book review versus a book report in a syllabus can lead to costly grade mistakes.

A book report is just that: a report on the contents of a particular book. Book reports can be written about both fiction and non-fiction books, but they all have certain things in common. In some ways, a book report could be considered a summary, although it’s a bit more extensive than that. Book reports contain not just recounting of plot, characters, and so forth, but also discussions of the primary ideas, themes, and concepts introduced in the text.

A book review, on the other hand, goes into more detail about the reviewer’s opinions about the book. Again, the review can be of a fiction or non-fiction book, but regardless, the reviewer includes more of a critique of the text, more of an analysis of the ideas and concepts introduced by the author. Of course, as always, opinions should be supported. It is not good book review practice to, say, state that the book is stupid, or the author doesn’t know what he is talking about, without showing why this is the case. It is, however, perfectly acceptable to write that the author doesn’t have a leg to stand on if you talk about why this is the case.

In a way, a book review is a more comprehensive book report. The report stops short of discussing the writer’s thoughts and perspectives on the book, whereas the review is incomplete without those things. You could think about a book review as a cross between a literary critique and a book report. No matter how you define it, a book review is an in-depth analysis of a text while a report is little more than a summary.